Post-Pause Kit

As we navigate these difficult times and prepare to lift COVID-19 related restrictions, Century has developed this “Post-Pause” Kit. This document is meant to serve as a general framework for our Clients to consider. It contains initial recommendations, discussion points and helpful information. Our suggestions are based on our experience and guidance we have received from various professional sources.

Century understands that every building is unique and will adopt a specific operational plan in consultation with your Account Executive and others. We also understand that all topics within this document may not be applicable to every building. Most importantly, all recommendations are subject to change based on governmental guidelines and requirements, thus implementation of certain policies should be reviewed by building counsel.

Additionally, this crisis has shown us all the importance of effective communication and flexibility. Your Account Executive, Financial Analyst, and Transfer Agent are all equipped with the necessary tools to work remotely and conduct business as usual. From Microsoft Teams based collaboration software to RingCentral’s Video Conferencing capabilities and more, your management team can communicate to boards, residents, and other building professionals efficiently and seamlessly.

Century will continue to provide and communicate recommendations and guidance as best practices evolve to help our clients prepare for what is next.

If you have any questions regarding the information provided in this guide, please contact your Account Executive directly.

“Post-Pause” Kit – Century Management Services