ClickPay System Upgrade

Important Notice about ClickPay Upgrade.
On May 21, 2018, ClickPay will be making important security upgrades that may impact you and your ability to connect to ClickPay if using an outdated browser or operating system. Please note the following regarding this upgrade.
How This Upgrade Impacts You
If you currently use an outdated web browser or operating system to access any of ClickPay’s web portals (payment, admin, communication, leasing, lockbox or on-site payment), beginning May 21, 2018, you may no longer be able to access these pages. To avoid disruption during this upgrade, please test your compatibility below:
Tenant & Resident Notification
ClickPay will be communicating this change directly with all registered users. Please visit ClickPay Support for any questions regarding this upgrade.
About This Upgrade
For security purposes, ClickPay will soon be limiting access to the portal only to web browsers and operating systems supporting TLS v1.2.
 TLS (Transport Layer Security) is a security protocol that provides privacy and data integrity between applications that require data to be securely exchanged over a network. Outdated mobile and desktop web browsers and operating systems supporting TLS v1.0 or TLS v1.1 will no longer be supported beginning May 21, 2018, which will prevent certain users from accessing the portal.
Why ClickPay is Making This Upgrade
In order to uphold the highest security standards and promote the protection of user payment data in ClickPay, improvements to the system’s security and encryption along with the elimination of out-of-date protocols must be made. This specific upgrade will help maintain alignment with industry-standard best practices and comply with PCI DSS requirements while ensuring the securest connection possible for the users.
Learn More
If you would like to learn more about this upgrade or your compatibility settings, visit ClickPay’s Help Center.