32 BJ and the RAB Reach a Tentative Agreement!

Century Management is pleased to announce that the Realty Advisory Board (the RAB) and the employee’s union, SEIU Local 32BJ, have tentatively reached an agreement for a renewal of the residential building workers contract, which is set to expire April 20, 2014. The tentative agreement is subject to ratification by the Board of Directors of the Realty Advisory Board and the membership of the Union, which will occur over the next few weeks.The tentative agreement was reached in an unprecedented nine days before it was set to expire.  The immediate result with this agreement is that the threat of an employee’s strike is over. 

 This announcement is the result of months of planning and several weeks of meetings between the RAB and the Union.  The RAB negotiating committee, which included Century’s President, Mitchell Barry, spent long hours working through extremely difficult issues.  Despite the end result, negotiations didn’t start on the same page.   The final result, after much back and forth, is a fair and equitable contract that reflects today’s economic realities.

 We wish to thank all residents for their attention to this matter and for taking the time to sign up for the resident identification cards and other strike preparation tasks. 

 Century Management Services Inc.

32BJ image

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