Notice to Board Members

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Dear Board Members,

In our continued effort to improve the ease-of-use and flow of information to our board members, we are launching a better, simpler and more secure Board Member Portal.

The upgraded portal is powered by software that has been designed for Century and our clients. This software provides our board members with a more functional way of reviewing monthly financials, audited financials and applications from our transfer department.  It is easier to use, more secure and allows for future customization.

The new system is designed to look and function like Microsoft Window’s “folders.” Once you have successfully logged-in, you will see your specific building’s folders.  Contained within these folders are most of the previously uploaded documents that were housed on the old system.  When a new document is uploaded to a folder, you will receive a personalized email notification with a hyperlink to that document. These notifications will be from specific Century employees. Logging in, will bring you directly to the folder where the document has been uploaded. Uploaded files are also uniform in nature for much easier navigation.   All documents that have been uploaded are considered confidential documents for board members only and should be viewed or downloaded only, and are not to be distributed. Documents uploaded from the Transfer Department will also be password encrypted for increased security.

Century will be launching the new portal in early January 2015. Once the portal is “live” or shortly thereafter, you will receive an activation email from Priya Totaram.  Please click on the embedded link to activate your new account. As with most technological changes that require log-ins, there will be a need to create a new username and password.  When you click “Board Member Log-In” please enter your email address and create a new password.  You will then have access to the new portal.  Continued access to the portal will be through Century’s website.

While we are confident that navigating the new software will be intuitive, we want to make sure that any questions you do have are answered.

If you experience any issues with logging in, or have any questions, please follow up with our Communications Manager, Priya Totaram directly at or 212-560-6409.

We always welcome feedback from all our board members and strive to make your experience with Century’s website pleasant and user-friendly.  We wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and Happy New Year!

Thank You,

Century Management Services Inc.